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Hello. My Name is Grant Jones. I live in Glendora, CA. USA (Southern California) I was born in June 1961. I'm married and have one son.  A beautful child.  I'm 5'-10", 200 lbs. I work as an Energy Management Systems Professional. I also do consulting for office management/systems and computer systems on the side. I never got a college degree, though I have completed 200+ units in Computer Sciences,  different engineering, and trade based courses.

I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, boating, fishing, camping, bicycling, and just being outside. I like the mountains, the beach and ocean, the Colorado River and the associated lakes along it. I also like to travel, go to concerts and the symphony, I like almost all music. Exploring new places and ideas, that's me. Fine dining is fun too.

I'm a very dedicated, responsible, and hard worker.   One of my motto's is "Work Hard, Play Hard." I've been employed full time ever since I was 16. Never missed a day unless I wanted to.  Haven't accomplished everything that I would like to, however haven't done too bad for my age either. I'm financially secure (although I feel one can always do better), I live a comfortable life.   I'm very serious, trustworthy, stable, and responsible.   I'm very compassionate, loving, caring, and giving towards others.

I have a very large network of great friends here in Southern California, and we are all very "tight." They have all done quite a bit for me and in turn I have done the same for them. We have all carried each other through some very rough times. One of the best groups of people anyone will ever know.


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